cPrime is an Atlassian Expert Partner for Agile Tools


As an Atlassian Expert Partner, cPrime is committed to helping our clients to best utilize Atlassian products and tools. We provide interactive and practical training courses and coaching for Atlassian tool mastery, in order to help your Agile projects thrive.

  “Agile” has been one of the hottest buzzwords in project management for the past 10 years. Professionals who are already working on Agile projects, or working towards adopting Agile practices, need solid Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools to help them plan, execute and track their product releases and sprints. Challenges that Agile professionals often face include learning best practices to get the most mileage out of their Agile tool. cPrime provides courses that utilize group discussion and hands on exercises to train students in how to use Atlassian tools, such as GreenHopper (JIRA).   Signup for Exclusive JIRA Workflows & JIRA Agile information as presented at the Atlassian Summit 2013  

Core Offerings Include:

Assessment & Analysis

We start by listening to you, observing and diving into your current systems, processes, requirements and workflows. Then we process all the information we’ve collected and collaborate with you to come up with the right solutions for your team or organizations.

Design & Build (Iterations)

Utilizing our capabilities with workflows, enterprise security, user optimization, and management reporting, we are able to design and build a system that will enable your team to run their Agile process more effectively and efficiently. We follow an Agile process and iteratively build and deliver working components in this phase. Allowing us to get feedback constantly to improve, demonstrate successes and ultimately deliver a final product that delivers value to your organization quickly.

Agile Software Training courses

cPrime has trained over 10,000 students in the last 3 years alone, and we have done this using various mediums to deliver our courses, from live virtual, recorded on-demand to in-person classes. We have a large catalog of training classes, below are some of the most popular:

Jira Agile (formerly GreenHopper) Training

o For ScrumMasters o For Product Owners o For System Administrators o For Power Users o For Team Members (Dev & QA) o For Executives and Program Managers

Advanced Jira Workflows (for Power Users)

Jira Administrator Training

Jira Security Training

Confluence User Training

Confluence Administrator Training

Development Tools Training – Bamboo / Fisheye / Crucible Training

Git / Stash Training

Performance Tuning & High Availability

cPrime assesses your infrastructure as well as your tool workflows to ensure that your tool optimizes your Agile processes.

Migration and Upgrades

As your usage of Atlassian products grow the need to consolidate Atlassian instances, or migrate from or to the Cloud to a Hosted solution arises. cPrime has performed numerous upgrades, consolidations, and migrations, with expertise in data conversion & ETL processes. We ensure that you can have a reliable transition without impact to your users.


One of the many advantages of Atlassian products it that integrate seamlessly with every product in the Atlassian Suite, but what is more important is that the products you purchase can integrate seamlessly with existing software in your environment. Whether, that’s a QA management product like HP Quality Center, development IDE’s, Time Tracking systems, or build servers, cPrime has experience integrating Atlassian products with a plethora of vendors as well as experience performing custom integrations on custom systems or advanced integrations to meet specific needs.

Custom Development

We have and can build custom solutions to enhance the products you are currently using. Whether it’s a Portfolio enhancement, custom modules or interfaces, or custom scripts that execute upon a screen/status transition we have experience and the expertise to deliver a valuable solution for you.

Atlassian License Management

cPrime provides licenses and standardization of license renewal dates and the ability to accept Purchase Orders. All purchases of Atlassian licenses earns a 20% credit towards consulting or training services.