Agile in the Enterprise Online Course

Agile in the Enterprise Online

Increase productivity, improve predictability of software projects


Duration: 8 Hours

Credits: 8 SEU / 8 PDU


Course Summary

Interest in the Scrum and Agile process framework is exploding as companies discover that Scrum enables them to manage software projects with greater reliability, and improve responsiveness to customers. This class extends your knowledge of Scrum to the level you need to create, manage, and execute a Scrum process for software development. Attendees include Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Executives, Developers, QA and more. The foundational training sessions are intended to get the team on the same page before the start of their first sprint. Clients may also request to include advanced topics on how to manage requirements within complex, multi-team Scrum environments, managing hybrid projects and scaling.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Introduction to Agile principles and concepts
  • Compare/contrast Agile and Traditional Project Management approaches
  • Compare/contrast Kanban and Scrum Agile techniques
  • Build depth-of-knowledge with Scrum
  • Scrum Roles and Artifacts
  • Sprint Planning and Tracking
  • Release Planning and Tracking
  • Tracking and appropriate tool selection
  • Scrum in context of Program Management
  • Managing Large or Distributed Scrum Teams
  • Release Planning for Complex Projects with Multiple Teams
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Planning Hybrid Projects
  • Advanced Requirements management
  • Decomposition of Epics and large Features
  • Managing requirements of large Features across long time scales
  • Driving from a Product Vision to the release of Working Software
  • Release Planning
  • Introduction to User Stories
  • Defining Done through Acceptance Criteria and Project Standards
  • Managing the Product Backlog
  • Prioritization
  • Progressive Elaboration
  • Advanced Planning and Metrics
  • Capacity Planning
  • Velocity
  • Tips to prepare for evaluating an Agile Project Management Tool
  • Working with distributed teams

Agile in the Enterprise Online Course

  • Unlimited Access
  • Earn 8 PDU/SEU
  • Immediate Access


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