Online PMP Certification Bootcamp

Online Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Bootcamp 

Pass the PMP® exam. Earn 35 PDU’s. Online, Anytime.

Flexible course access. Any time, from any web browser.   Our On-Demand PMP® Bootcamp course is designed to comprehensively prepare students for the PMP exam. Access intensive course lessons without limitation, from any computer with any web browser. Our program covers all aspects of the latest PMBOK Guide (Fifth Edition). Includes course access, all study materials, 65+ interactive course lessons, 35 PMI contact hours or PDUs, PMP process maps, PMBOK® Guide exercises, PMI® application guide, and PMP quizzes.

Accessing the Course

Web-based access to all courseware.   Please be aware that it could take up to one business day for students to be added to the learning management system.

Course Demos

View an introduction to the course, and understand the overall structure of the exam and topics. Click to Watch: Introduction Click to Watch: PMI Process Framework  

Intensive PMP® Course Curriculum – Designed for On-Demand Learning

Course Milestones 1 – 4:

  • The Basics – Project Framework
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management

Course Milestones 5 – 8:

  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project HR Management
  • Project Communication Management

Course Milestones 9 – 11:

  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Professional and Social Responsibility
  • Course Summary and Certificate

What you will get from this PMP Online course:

creditAccreditations and Credits Earned

This course is officially recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and includes the required Contact Hours to take the PMP exam; as well as PDUs.
  • 35 PMI Contact Hours
  •  36 PDUs

interactive lessonsInteractive Lessons, Available On-Demand

Each course milestone contains multiple, brief instructor segments designed for On-Demand learning and busy schedules. Complete the entire curriculum in order, or re-visit instructor segments as many times as you like.


Printable PMP Process Mapsprocess-maps

Concise, focused PMP Process maps for each PMBOK Knowledge Area. Our PMP Process maps are designed to to quickly reference and reinforce important concepts. This study supplement is included for every PMBOK Knowledge Area.      

mockexamsFull PMP Mock Exam and Knowledge Quizzes Included:

PMP practice questions are used to test your knowledge following each PMBOK Knowledge Area lesson. The PMP quizzes in this course also provide detailed explanations for each question and answer. A full PMP mock exam is also included.


pmiprocessStep-by-step Guide to Successfully Register with PMI

With our step-by-step guide and template documents, successfully registering to take the PMP exam is a breeze. Everything you need, from instructions to contact hours, is included in a format that is easy to follow.


earnedvaluePMP Earned Value Management (EVM) Exercises

A critical PMP exam study supplement, our Earned Value Management (EVM) exercises offer detailed project management scenarios and force students to solve for multiple Earned Value calculations (includes detailed solutions).


projectplanProject Plan “Pyramid” Study Aid

Designed to reinforce the overall Project Management Plan, this tool clearly lays out all major components involved in project planning. A critical tool to reinforce the processes and documents involved in the Project Management Plan.


formulaPMP Formula Cheat Sheet

This PMP course consolidates all critical PMP exam formulas in to a single cheat sheet. Download and print out the formula cheat sheet for offline study, and commit all key information to memory before day of the exam.


More Course Details


90 Day Access to Course


Project, program, business, and IT managers looking to certify their project management experience and knowledge.


“Susan Garner in Oklahoma City passed the PMP Exam on the first try! Yea! Your content was right on, especially the Earned Value calculations. Thanks for your help and best wishes for continued success!!” Susan R. Garner, PMP “In a nutshell your prep helped significantly in my endeavor to obtain PMP certification. The way tests are grouped and summarized kept me interested. They have covered well all PMBOK and most importantly you can rely on the answer explanations as being clear and trustworthy. Keep doing the good work!” Daniel Gavrilescu, PMP


Milestone 1 – The Basics: Project Management Framework

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Tour of Course Features Lesson 2 – PMP Foundational Terms and Concepts Lesson 3 – Essential Project Management Terms Lesson 4 – Project Roles Lesson 5 – Project Context Lesson 6 – Process Framework

Milestone 2 – Project Integration Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Develop Project Charter Lesson 3 – Develop Project Management Plan Lesson 4 – Direct and Manage Project Execution Lesson 5 – Monitor and Control Project Work Lesson 6 – Perform Integrated Change Control Lesson 7 – Close Project or Phase

Milestone 3 – Project Scope Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Collect Requirements Lesson 3 – Define Scope Lesson 4 – Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Lesson 5 – Verify Scope Lesson 6 – Control Scope

Milestone 4 – Project Time Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Define Activities Lesson 3 – Sequence Activities Lesson 4 – Estimate Activity Resources Lesson 5 – Estimate Activity Durations Lesson 6 – Develop Schedule Lesson 7 – Control Schedule

Milestone 5 – Project Cost Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Estimate Costs Lesson 3 – Determine Budget Lesson 4 – Control Costs

Milestone 6 – Project Quality Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Plan Quality Lesson 3 – Perform Quality Assurance Lesson 4 – Perform Quality Control

Milestone 7 – Project Human Resource Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Develop Human Resource Plan Lesson 3 – Acquire Project Team Lesson 4 – Develop Project Team Lesson 5 – Manage Project Team

Milestone 8 – Project Communications Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Identify Stakeholders Lesson 3 – Plan Communications Lesson 4 – Distribute Information Lesson 5 – Manage Stakeholder Expectations Lesson 6 – Report Performance

Milestone 9 – Project Risk Resource Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Plan Risk Management Lesson 3 – Identify Risks Lesson 4 – Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Lesson 5 – Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Lesson 6 – Plan Risk Responses Lesson 7 – Monitor and Control Risks

Milestone 10 – Project Procurement Management

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Plan Procurements Lesson 3 – Conduct Procurements Lesson 4 – Administer Procurements Lesson 5 – Close Procurements

Milestone 11 – Professional and Social Responsibility

Lesson 1 – Introduction and Overview Lesson 2 – Vision and Applicability Lesson 3 – Responsibility Lesson 4 – Respect Lesson 5 – Fairness Lesson 6 – Honesty Lesson 7 – Professional Responsibility Summary Lesson 8 – Course Summary and Certificate!

Online PMP Certification Bootcamp

  • 90 Day Access
  • Earn 35 PDU/SEU


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