Organizational Change and Leadership in Agile Transformations

Duration: 1 Hours

Credits: 1 SEU / 1 PDU

It is no secret that when an organization chooses to transition to Agile methodologies, it requires an enormous commitment to leadership and change management. Even in prescriptive methods of Agile transitions, such as SAFe, I have found this subject matter deficient, especially in the area of practical application. This presentation is based on a training class I developed and conducted with executive leadership at American Airlines. It focuses on how to apply Dr. John Kotter’s 8-step model of change management and leadership to help transition an organization to support an Agile transformation. I have been involved in large scale Agile Transformations at Nokia, AT&T, American Airlines, Telogical Systems and VCE. I have successfully applied the principles of this process at several companies, most recently at American Airlines IT division to train executives in Agile Change Management. • Understand Kotter’s 8 step leadership model for change. • Understand how to apply the 8-step model when changing an organization to Agile. • Learn how to measure change progress in this model. • Learn how to overcome barriers to change management in this model. • Lesson’s learned when applying the model at AA.

Organizational Change and Leadership in Agile Transformations

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